What is LOVE?

Believe it or not, love has got nothing to do with emotions or feelings Yes, emotions might be attached to love, but for love to work or to exist, emotions need not exist with it or within it. Emotions can be considered a vehicle for love.   Love was the original exam we were meant to write on earth. For most of us, we are like students who went to exam to write an English paper but answer all the questions in maths. That’s an automatic fail. We all have to be experts in love. Yes, leaders in our respective professions but also experts in love, in showing it and in giving it. This is how we give life. We give life trough love. Cause God is Love and since He is the giver of life and He wants us to be like him, the only way for us to give life, heal, strengthen or to be like him is to give Love. We give life through love. He wants us to be as He is. Not just to give life to our children but to others - to our neighbours. The Messiah said, I am the way, the Truth and the Life. Therefore, love is the life and love is the truth and love also is the way. We rule on the earth as kings and priests with the sceptre of love. God has shown me he loves me by his patience and forgiveness. To him who is forgiven much loves much. Love is a weapon that never fails. Other strategies might fail, but love - genuine love from the heart for others never fails. Do you know that all you seek be it riches, power, honour, glory can be easily obtained by harnessing the power of love, walking in it and mastering it consistently. You don’t have to bow down to demons or sell your soul to acquire riches and power. To love is all it takes. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no plan b that God has for the world. The plan has always been to love. We ought to lay down our lives for others in that we are to be consumed with the desire to enrich and empower the lives of others - to meet their needs consistently. This is the purpose of our existence. 

God didn’t have to do what he did that is send His son to die for us. He didn’t do it for Himself so he didn’t have to do what he did. He could have easily allowed all to perish and start from scratch; create a new Earth a new heaven and a new human race. It wouldn’t cost Him anything. That would be easy for him to do. He is God after all. If all perished, He still would be God and none will havegrounds to question him as why He allowed us all to perish. But He showed us mercy because of His love for us. He loves us that much that He - a Spirit wrapped Himself in Human flesh, come to the world for the purpose of showing us the way of love - and then die a gruesome death for you and I, imagine that - an immortal holy being coming to take take the form of a mortal being so He can  take our place and die a mortal death as a sacrifice for us all. Nothing beats that kind of love. Love is not detrimental to you. Do you think the One who gave you and I life and gave us this beautiful planet to enjoy without his interference or interruption, and provided us with countless beautiful things to look at, eat and enjoy on this earth, do you really think He would tell us to love our neighbours as yourself if it was detrimental to us? Think about it. This is pretty basic reasoning - yet we still don’t get it.

Love is a weapon, not a weapon against humanity but a weapon to deliver humanity from the devices, ideologies, the lies, the powers that turn us against each other. It is the weapon that destroys those entities behind the lies, hinderances and blockages to us believing and seeing the best 

This is not a mystery. We’ve all been lectured at one point or the other about love; of how there appears to be a lack of it in our world and its power. No, the word love is not really a mystery, the only mystery here is why so few of us apply it. Not only does the world need love, you and I need to give it more. Not to show love, but to give love. Yes, to give love is a need. You need to give it. In other to function properly, you need to give love - not just to your family (anybody can give their children, wife, siblings love. No, I’m referring to your neighbours 0- someone outside your home, circle of friends and acquaintances. This is the solution. And love that is dependent on ‘your people’ such as when you show love to only white people because you are white, or to only black people because you are black, that’s fake love. Because a characteristic of love is that it is unconditional. Real love is unconditional. If that is the case, the white person who is receiving love from another white person because he is white should understand that the giver of the ‘love’ is a fraud and does not genuinely love him, because if he were black or something else, he wouldn’t love him. Such love is fake and should be rejected. And you can tell such people who give fake love from the conversations. What do they say about other white people or asian, ect. We only shoot ourselves in the foot when we don’t love our neighbours. When you hate your neighbour you are hurting yourself, your soul and destiny. I’m referring to eternal destiny here. You miss out when you don’t love - do you think I would eat Thai food, if I hated Thai people? I would have missed out on  delicious Thai food had I been so hateful of the people. Same goes with Chinese people, African people or American people. Love is the method. We make a change through love. Using Racism as an example, the solution is love. Racism, is a sickness - a disease of the soul and just like if anyone is sick you wouldn’t expect for them to change through criticism but by giving them love. Criticism or shaming an emotionally or mentally sick person wouldn’t not be effective in altering their state, but love will. It never fails. Thus, the spiritually sick person or the racist hateful person can only have love shown to them by a person who is an object of their hate or a member from a group that happens to be the object of their hate. Racism is a sickness; for this reason I’m persuaded to believe that Martin Luther King was actually sent for the liberation of white America more than the liberation of Black America. Why? Cause the one that hates is actually the one who is bound. He is the one that is not free. The one that is hated is not bound. The one that is hated only becomes bound when he believes what the one that hates him says about him.

Constantly think of how you too can be a blessing and meet the needs of others. Love is a law - a commandment and we ought to remember that it is a blessing. The commandment is a blessing and to obey it is an even bigger blessing because blessings are often contained in a commandment. When he says we should do anything it is because he wants us to experience a blessing and be more like Him. Now if he says the greatest is love, it means the greatest and most effective way to be more like God is to love. We should equate love with ultimate power remember love never fails - this is written. Now God never fails because he is love. GOD IS LOVE. Do you want to be all powerful - love. Do you want superhero powers better than those blockbuster superhero on the big screens - love.

Now to know oneself it is important to pay attention to what the most high said about man. He said, (this is God speaking to humanity) “I have said you are gods and all of you children


There’s not enough live because people don’t love themselves enough. Many love themselves to a certain degree but at times that level of self love is not based on enlightenment thus, it’s not enough.

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